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Fork a repository

Since you will be assigned a GitHub repository for uploading your wiki contents and deploying your team wiki, it is vital that you know how to manage the repository. This tutorial is here to help you familarize with the basic operations in GitHub, assuming no prior experiences.

Instead of using your assigned repository, we will use a mock repository at:

The actual wiki for this repository can be found at:

Note that this mock repository resembles your assigned repository for team wiki, but the two repositories, and hence the wikis, are not the same. Nevertheless, the steps covered in this tutorial are applicable to your own repository.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have a copy of this repository under your own GitHub account and in your own computer.

  1. Register for a GitHub account

  2. Install GitHub Desktop

  3. Open the GitHub Desktop app, select "File" -> "Options" GitHub Desktop Options

  4. In the "Options" window, under "", click on "Sign In" GitHub Desktop Login
    Follow the instructions and sign into your registered account

  5. Go to the mock repository

  6. On the upper right corner, you will find the "Fork" button
    Fork the mock repository under your own account.
    Fork mock repository

  7. You should be automatically redirected to the forked repository:{your username}/team-wiki
  1. Check that under the repository name, it says

forked from idec2021/team-wiki

And under the "Code" tab, you should find

This branch is even with idec2021:main.

Forked mock repository

  1. Click on the green button for downloading the code, and underneath select "Open with GitHub Desktop".
    Clone mock repository
    Continue the steps on GitHub Desktop, and this process will "clone" the repository to your local computer.

You now have a copy of the repository under your GitHub account. This copy is the remote copy.
You also have a copy on your own computer, and this is the local copy.

You can now edit the contents of your local repository.